All-in-One Platform for trending goods sales

PLADO provides All-in-One Platform
for easy launch sales of trending goods
in Africa, Asia, LATAM and Europe

Choose your role
Join the platform in any role -
as a supplier, lead generator or merchant
Earn extra margin
Scale up your sales in low-competitive countries of LATAM, Africa, Asia or Europe

Get an adapted solution
Get the best All-in-One Solution for instant sales of trending goods

Our mission is to unite ecommerce participants from all over the world: lead generators, merchants, manufacturers and suppliers into a single platform and create a cooperation environment between them,
providing from our side infrastructure solutions.
We are focused on launching the platform in low-competitive countries of LATAM, Africa, Asia and Europe
Our niche is trending goods advertised by our merchants via social media

Our goal is to provide instant sales solutions for our merchants
Choose your role in PLADO:
Open a new revenue streams with PLADO
Lead generator
Get access to low-competitive GEOs, high ROI, and transparent analytics
Delivery agent
Join our agent delivery network and earn money by delivering orders
Sell your stock in bulk via our network of merchants and lead generators
Issue short-term loans to our merchants for the purchase of goods
Customer care agent
Join our stream of leads and earn money by processing them
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